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Our Team

Sophabulous currently serves the Fredericton region, out of New Brunswick, Canada. We started Sophabulous to provide a path to a low carbon economy.

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Adam Morgan

President & CEO

Locally grown and educated in New Brunswick, Adam combines recent startup experience with Fredericton Bouldering Co-op, 10 years of property management (owned, maintained, and renovated multiple multi-unit buildings), with a 15 year career in software systems engineering across 3 leading local tech companies.

A strong physics foundation in his youth has led to a lifelong interest in green building methods. Driven by a passion for the outdoors and for sustainable living, solar passive housing has long been a dream to make into a reality.

Drake Luce

Research & Development Manager

Starting life in northern New Brunswick, Drake made his way south in search of problems to solve. Specializing in cybersecurity, Drake holds a wide range of technical expertise including electronics and software design, 3D modeling and CAD, and engineering project management. He is persistent in examining potential solutions to the shortcomings of our current technology, amplified when the resolution of those shortcomings make our environment and our world a better place to live in.

Anička Senior

Communications Director

Born and raised in the Caribbean, Anička managed companies in the Caribbean and the UK before moving to New Brunswick, gaining international experience working for startups and nonprofits in the fields of Marketing and Communications, as well as Project and Event Management. She’s also an educator, an artist and a mother who is passionate about sustainable solutions that will help protect the environment for all our children’s futures. 

Nicole Kardos

Business Development Manager

From Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Nicole has often found herself at the forefront of many budding businesses. With over 6 years of Business Development experience and a passion for adventure tourism and sport and recreation, Nicole’s willingness to succeed has fostered a true jack of all trades. Eager to lead the charge, and be a part of innovative solutions, this pursuit is a natural fit for her ambition and desire to live life outdoors.


John Morgan

Project Manager

John Morgan is a discerning and veteran builder with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. Much of his career has been focused on restoring Heritage Properties with over 25 of those years working in the Fredericton area, where we have a wealth of Built Heritage. Always a technical  problem solver, his interest has naturally gravitated to energy conservation and more sustainable living solutions. Sophabulous Homes in Domes and living in the scenic Saint John River Valley are what fuels his fire these days, with an eye to our bright future.

Melissa Stewart

Director of Marketing

Born and raised in rural New Brunswick, Melissa has a love for education and business analysis.  She brings creative thought to analysis, resulting in unconventional solutions in a myriad of roles (analyst, instructional designer, change analyst, trainer, product manager) at local software and consulting firms.   Always up for a challenge, Melissa is excited to bring about change and a shift in mindset with a low barrier solution to sustainable living.  


Catie Foley

Director of Finance

An actuary by trade, Catie specializes in complex calculation and analysis as well as project management and communication. She is motivated and determined to find innovative solutions while focusing on efficiency and quality.

Originally from Newfoundland, Catie spent several years in Central America before settling in New Brunswick. It was during her travels that she gained an appreciation for sustainable living and carbon footprint reduction. 

Let's Work Together

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