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Save. Invest. Partner.

Find out more ways to save on your Sophab!
You can become a part of the Sophabulous solution.

Are you a developer for commercial or residential construction?

We want to partner with you.

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Save on our services
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Stretch your purchase of
a Sophab further.

Grow with us
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Ask about how you can invest and become part of the Sophabulous solution.

Sustainable partnerships
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Let's work together towards a low-carbon Canada. We are excited to work with developers and First Nations communities, on local and municipal level partnerships.

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Sophabulous is proud to offer incentives to show our appreciation for your support.

We will soon be applying for a Small Business Investor Tax Credit (SBITC) investment offering - you can apply with as little as a $1000 investment.

Invest, own part of the company, and receive a discount on your own Sophab installation!

If you're serious about a SolarShip or adding sustainability to your home, then our incentives offer the ideal solution to recouping the cost of your habitat, and securing a low-carbon Canada.

Terms & conditions apply.
Maximum 10% discount per project or installation.

Subject to product limitations at time of redemption. Credit applied at time of purchase.

Further restrictions may apply.

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$1000 GETS YOU:

(1) 50% TAX CREDIT


$5000 GETS YOU

(1) 50% TAX CREDIT


$10,000 GETS YOU

(1) 50% TAX CREDIT


$50,000 GETS YOU

(1) 50% TAX CREDIT


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Sophabulous is excited to consult with companies nationwide to assist in commercial or residential developments.


Sophabulous can offer consultations and expertise on incorporating Sophabulous tech to existing properties, or new developments. Sophab's can provide a significant off-set to maintenance costs, and length the lifetime of your build. If you are unsure about what Sophabulous can do for your project, or are ready to partner - contact us!

Sand Dunes

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in Sophab tech, becoming an investor is your path to get the most savings on the cost of your habitat.


Sophabulous seeks to partner with those who are interested in applying Sophabulous tech to their builds. Let us show you the true impact our solutions can make to your bottom line, and our future. Reducing maintenance costs, while increasing quality of life, will optimize your project in almost every way. Our team is can provide you with cost comparison analysis of your project before and after Sophabulous Tech - and help make this decision an easy one.

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