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How Can Earth Tubes Help My Home?

In previous blog posts you’ve seen how Earth Tubes can be used in greenhouses to grow food year round in our zone 3-4 region. It’s simple technology for growing, but begs the question, “Can we heat our homes with the same technology?”. We can! Sophabulous applies the same principles to our homes and other buildings.

While SolarShips provide a full home enclosure, HalfPhabs can give us many of the same benefits on a smaller scale. A HalfPhab is a solarium on solar steroids; a comfortable solar passive enclosure, complete with Earth Tubes, sunshades, and our Habitat Control System integrated with a building’s HVAC system. Depending on the season, it moves heat or chilled air throughout a home or business, all while expanding our livable space.

All buildings in our climate are faced with the same challenges of heat generation and insulation. Heat pumps, baseboards, and wood stoves provide heat with electricity or cord wood, but only HalfPhabs can provide heating and cooling without external energy AND increase your year-round living space. A HalfPhab alone can’t remove your heating and cooling bills like a SolarShip can, but it can heat (and cool) your home while you sunbathe inside it, watching the snow blow outside. Combined with Solar PV, a HalfPhab can be a solid foundation for a fully NetZero, sustainable home.

Financing is available through the Greener Home Loans Program. Please contact Sophabulous to find out how your house can be ‘phabulous too!

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