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The Future is Sophabulous!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It was late 2020, and we were all dealing with the initial shock of the pandemic, doing our best to adjust to ‘the new normal’.

Adam Morgan was brainstorming how best to extend the growing season for his backyard garden in Fredericton, New Brunswick. With a little extra time on his hands, as many of us had during the pandemic, he set up a woodworking shop in his garage to fabricate a wooden gothic arched greenhouse frame. Setting the structure in his backyard, he constructed a beautiful solar passive greenhouse. It started out as a passion project, a way to stay focused and occupied, and it initiated what is now known as Sophabulous.

The gothic greenhouse went up as the cold set in. Adam had built it so big that he could almost move into it - and he did! Having moved his patio furniture in for protection from the elements, on sunny days the greenhouse became an outside solar passive lounge! The temperature might have been -15°C outside, but it was +20°C inside. While the rest of us were suffering through the Canadian winter, Adam was getting a tan in the greenhouse and working from home in comfort.

This seemed like something we all could use more of, and Adam gradually recognized the greater potential. From a back deck enclosure to dreaming about putting his whole house inside a greenhouse, his research pulled together multiple existing technologies to support his vision. This wasn’t a new idea; other people have done it here and there, but no one had done it on this scale with this combination of technology. This was an idea with the potential to save massive amounts of energy consumption while also protecting homes from the natural weathering of the harsh Canadian winters.

Solar energy and geothermal heat storage are available everywhere. In Canada, even in the very coldest of our winters, it is possible to pair renewable energy, efficient transmission and efficient storage in an economical and powerful way.

Adam’s idea of combining a transparent dome over and around a home and surrounding yard with solar passive technology, creates a Solar Passive Habitat (Sophab.) The Sophab is a massive solar generator that captures a large volume of air to both insulate the space as well as to move the heat around. The Sophab enables everything within it to store heat inexpensively.

Sophabs will drastically reduce our energy bills, enabling affordable, easily maintainable solar passive homes to become a reality for home owners in every tax bracket. New and existing homes with Sophabulous technology will reduce our carbon footprint to sustainable levels.

On top of energy savings, living in a Sophab is going to flip your perceptions upside down. What was your front door now is just a door into your inside garden. Outdoor space becomes year round living space. The potential and implications are staggering. Want a year round garden lounge of your own? Look at GreenPhabs on our Products page!

Stay tuned for more about Sophab tech.

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