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Our Services

Sophabulous offers a variety of services to get you started on a path to a low-carbon environment. Whether you're searching for residential solutions, or commercial applications, our team will take care of all the details.

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Solar Accessibility Assessment

Understanding your property or locations solar accessibility is the first step to taking action towards a solar-passive enclosure. Our team will determine any limiting factors, or existing potential of your location.

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Earthtube Installation

Earth tubes on their own can serve as your summer-time cooling system, all on their own! There is no need to wait for your SolarShip to start benefiting from this geothermal AC.

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SolarShip Habitats

Full-scale SolarShips are completely custom to your unique location and landscape. Whether it's enclosing your house, cottage, or farm animals, a habitat this size will change everything about the way you live.

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Solar Passive Habitat Consulting

If you already have an idea of what you're looking for, our team will help shape your dream into a reality!

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Habitat Control Systems

Our Sophabulous Habitat Control System is what sets us apart. Monitoring temperature, humidity, air-flow and light transmission is essential to a successful, enjoyable space. We take care of that too.

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Local installation

Whether is a small enclosure, or a full-scale SolarShip - our team of experienced fabricators will assemble your Sophab, worry-free! Sit back, and you'll be Sophabulous in no time.

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This is not your grandfathers' solar passive. We are flipping what we've known about this passive approach, and revolutionizing how we live. Say goodbye to excess traditional insulation and building limitations - say hello to modern day smart solutions.

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