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Ineractie SolarShip


You don't need to rebuild to have a solar-passive home - you simply need custom Sophabulous solutions. 

See for yourself with our Interactive SolarShip Model.

"Sophabs enclose the entire home and surroundings in an air pocket, creating a barrier to the elements and improving heat retention.  In winter, Sophabs create a greenhouse effect that can produce 50°C temperature differentials. On sunny days, heat can be transferred to the ground with earth tubes - simple pipes buried at a depth of 2m with ends above the ground allowing air to flow through the ground to passively heat it. On cloudy days, the stored heat releases to maintain a comfortable living temperature. These same earth tubes offer a free alternative to AC on hot days, when they pump cool air into the Sophab. 

Sophab’s Habitat Control System (HCS)  controls the home’s climate.This system incorporates moving sun shades; passive humidity control condensers; actuated vents and motorized fans, all orchestrated upon a data-driven model offering a novel and sustainable living experience. 

The dome provides the enclosure, but our HCS provides the intelligence to transform our homes into truly smart habitats."

Sophab Tech

Solar Passive Principles

Solar passive principles cover the collection, storage, and distribution of solar thermal energy.



A south-facing Sophab maximizes the solar exposure. More direct sunlight means more heat captured. Micro adjustments to the system accommodates a range of ;solar accessibility; as determined by latitude,  season, and local variation.



Solar passive absorbers are materials exposed directly to sunlight. Traditional solar passive buildings rely on south-facing windows exposing hard and dark surfaces to sun, to absorb as much energy as possible.

Sun Position


A structure's thermal mass is composed of material inside the structure that can retain the heat produced by the sun, whether the material is exposed to the sun directly, or indirectly through air flow. Traditional solar passive systems often use concrete or stone slabs to retain heat.

Thermal Mass


Heat distribution with a solar-passive structure is simply how the heat is released and moved within the space.

"Solar heat circulates from the collection and storage points to different areas of the [structure]. A strictly passive design will use the three natural heat transfer modes- conduction, convection and radiation- exclusively. In some applications, fans, ducts and blowers may be used to distribute the heat through the house." (1)



Controlling heat absorption and distribution the essence of solar passive design. 

Shading buildings and other thermal masses from the sun in the summer is the most important single cooling measure. Exposing surfaces to the sun, while ensuring a tight seal on a Sophab enclosure, allows for maximum heat absorption and retention, on cold, yet sunny winter days.



SophabTech creates a manageable habitat even in the bitter winter by providing a barrier between the home and the elements. Earth tubes stored beneath the ground, store heat collected during the day, and later release energy for overnight heating. Protection from the wind and the insulating effect of a captured airspace lets the earth beneath our feet, along with every object within the Sophab, to hold thermal energy. Sophabs provide year round comfort outside your front door.

Convection - Summer & Winter_edited_edited.png
Winter Heating


Sun sails provide shade to prevent direct sunlight on the house. Preventing a home from heating up in the first place is more than half the battle.

Earth tubes, installed two metres underground, pull warm air through to be cooled before entering the home.  Access to cool air from beneath the ground means you can say good-bye to the energy hog AC and hello to a better, cleaner way of life.

Summer Cooling
Image by Humphrey Muleba
Whirlpool - Gradient.jpg

Sophabulous is excited to consult with companies nationwide to assist in commercial or residential developments.


Sophabulous can offer consultations and expertise on incorporating Sophabulous tech to existing properties, or new developments. Sophab's can provide a significant off-set to maintenance costs, and lengthen the lifetime of your build. If you are unsure about what Sophabulous can do for your project, or are ready to partner - contact us!

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